The Raleigh Graduate Chapter of Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Inc.® is dedicated to community service, academic excellence, and heightening community and cultural consciousness. We specifically "Support Women In Need of Growth," which has proven to be a positive addition to many college campuses and communities throughout the United States. We welcome diversity in our membership. You do not have to be the perfect woman, the smartest woman, or even the best looking woman. We desire women who are willing to accept and welcome the diversity of our beloved sisterhood. New members are accepted at the graduate level.

Graduate members are proud professionals, entrepreneurs, mothers, sisters, and friends who often travel the same roads; many with vastly different backgrounds, but similar goals. They bond by finding common grounds to share and reflect upon. They make charitable contributions and offer volunteer services in our communities. Membership is open to any woman who has completed an accredited college, technical or career school. She must be a professional with minimal training in her chosen career field, preferably with a demonstrated record of community or organization service of a minimum of 5 years. We do not accept members who currently belong to a Greek-letter sorority. 

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